Information for parents & guardians

Covid-19 Updates:

Update: Saturday 21st March

Further to the definition of Key Worker, issued by the Government overnight and provided in our earlier update, we have received further guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) and Local Authority. 

As of Monday 23, March 2020, every child who can be safely cared for at home should be and we will be closing our setting to these children. However, as requested by the DfE, we will be remaining open for children of Key Workers and for vulnerable children. 

Where you meet the Key Worker definition or where your child is considered vulnerable, we will be able to continue to offer your place(s) from Monday, March 23.

Please let us know as a matter of urgency, ideally before 14:00, if you meet the criteria and want your child to attend, so that we can make suitable provision for you.

Please email us with:

  • your child’s name;
  • nursery or club setting;
  • Yes or No  – to Key Worker Status within your immediate family
  • Yes or No –  to wishing to attend.

For further guidance please visit:


Update: Thursday 19th March

Following the announcement by the Prime Minster yesterday afternoon, regarding the closure of Schools and Early Years settings, from the close of business on Friday, March 20.

We believe that yesterday’s closure announcement was intended to apply to all, State and Private sector, Schools and Nurseries; however, the question was asked as to whether the Government had such powers over the Private sector, to which the PM said he believed so. 
We shall speak with the, Local Education Authority’s (LEA), Early Years team this morning, I am sure they will be inundated, to seek clarification for both the Nurseries and Clubs. However, if a total shutdown is the intention, then I am sure such Laws will be included in the Special Powers, being passed down today.
Once we have clarity, we shall email an update.
With regard to a provision for “Key-workers” – again, it is unclear whether each nursery will open for these children/parents alone or whether a nursery within each area will be opened for such provision. If you are a “Key-worker”, as currently defined by the Government, please email to highlight, so that we can plan with the LEA.
Please forgive this uncertainty.


Creating Routine

The current situation is unprecedented and the uncertainty is understandably causing concern amongst all sectors of society.

We need to be aware of this as children can easily pick up on this anxiety.

During this period families will be spending long periods of time at home which may feel daunting. Children feel most secure when they follow a daily routine. The routine needs to meet all families needs but should include time for play based activities, exercise time, family time and free play. Little Bear’s will be emailing some activity ideas for parents which will be easy to complete at home.

I Connect/Parent Zone

I Connect is in the process of updating its software to enable parents to post updates on the Parent Zone portal whilst isolating at home.

The Importance Of Outside Access

Access to the outdoors will be crucial both for physical and emotional well-being, please remember to take all recommended precautions to ensure your and others safety.